Hi, my name is Jamie. I’ve been lucky enough to see some of this beautiful world.

At various stages in my life I’ve had the pleasure of travelling to different places in the world. From local destinations in the UK, to Europe America and Asia. I have had the pleasure of experiencing a multitude of cultures, cuisines and more. I would by no means consider myself an expert in travel or have a comprehensive understanding of those countries following my visit. However, I can confidentially say that I have some incredible memories.

Fantastic Travel Memories

So whilst a lot of travel blogs focus around a step-by-step guide or a do’s and don’ts, Throwback Travels is simply about sharing different moments. Not a specific order of doing things, an agenda or this is how it is done but a reflection of an experience that makes me feel positive and inspires me to keep challenging myself everyday. Hopefully these short memories and moments will also inspire you to either travel, or encourage you to keep challenging yourself.

Sharing Travel Memories

I hope through Throwback Travels other travellers will share their memories of travelling, and comment on the posts that are made here. Together we can inspire each other and create positivity. It’s easy to share your travel throwbacks, use the contact form below or if you have photos please send an email to jamie@throwbacktravels.com. Alternatively you can use the hashtag #tbtravels on twitter or instagram.