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Tokyo Trains Like Thomas the Tank Engine

March 20, 2018

My first experience of travelling on the Shinkansen from Tokyo to Kyoto, rekindled the excitement of playing with Thomas the Tank engine as a child for the very first time.

The thought of getting on this super train, travelling at incredible speeds and arriving at distant location in very little time was really exciting. Although Thomas the tank engine wasn’t renowned for its breathtaking speed, there really was something special about old Thomas.

Equally there was something really unique and special about the “Bullet-train” Shinkansen trains that give it the edge over any others in the world. Maybe it’s the speed, the service or incredible efficiency.

Selfie with shinkansen

Here is me and Hannah looking very happy taking a selfie as our first shinkansen arrives!

Something Special : The Shinkansen

I’m not a train enthusiast, it’s just a cool looking training that goes incredibly fast. The seating was like a very spacious aeroplane, loads of leg room, massive seats, plenty of space for your portables and wide aisles. The Shinkansen train staff would bow each time they entered and left each carriage. The Shinkansen really was a symbol of Tokyo and Japan and to be able to experience that will always be a great travel memory.

To wrap it all up you were in a incredible place, going on this amazing adventure. Wasn’t that how it felt to push Thomas the Tank Engine round the track for the first time? I think so.

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